DeTomaso Pantera, the book
Foreword by Tom Tjaarda. Wallace A. Wyss, author
Photographs by David and Linda Adler

  • This is a brand new copy of this out-of-print book.

  • 94 Pages - Color photographs - photos from the US and Europe

  • 8.25" wide by 9" tall - Soft cover

  • Foreword by Tom Tjaarda, the designer of the Pantera

  • A good read, mostly photographs of stock and modified Panteras. The book was originally created not so much as a comprehensive history of the marque but rather as a collection of photos and information featuring the Pantera as owned and operated by Pantera enthusiasts in the U.S. and Europe. The book will give the Pantera enthusiast an impression of how other owners have prepared and presented their cars.

  • Price: $99.95 Plus Shipping

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